Dr Ayo Ogunsan

Dr Ayodele Ogunsan, is an Entrepreneur and a business man per excellence. He is the Chairman, Executive Trainers Limited: Nigeria’s foremost indigenous higher education training consultant, that is in to the training and re-training of Nigerian higher institutions’ employees.

A devout Christian, family man and an amiable personality, Dr Ayodele Ogunsan is a graduate of Business Administration and Management from the famous Yaba College of Technology, Lagos. He is an alumnus of many other notable institutions home and abroad. He is also an active member of many professional bodies including: Institute of Directors, Nigerian American Chamber of Commerce, Nigerian British Chamber of Commerce, Nigeria Britain Association, Nigeria Spanish Association, Nigeria Institute of Management… to mention a few.

During his many trips abroad for executive courses abroad, Dr Ayodele Ogunsan soon began to juxtapose and compare tertiary institutions leadership and management in Nigeria with what is obtainable abroad. It was not long that he realized the gross deficit in human capital development in our tertiary institutions. As a patriotic Nigerian, this realization placed a heavy burden on him that he began to think of how to bridge the gap. Later in 2008, Executive Trainers Ltd was founded to address the shortfall in human capital development in our tertiary institutions.

Between 2008 and today, Executive Trainers Ltd have trained and retrained thousands of higher education employees. With several partners across the continents, the company has executed trainings, workshops, seminars, conferences, tours and expedition ranging from community engagement, Council Administration, job and wealth creation to harnessing unlimited opportunities in entrepreneurship, skill and knowledge acquisition in the United Kingdom, United States of America, Singapore, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, South Africa, and Ghana.

Humble Dr Ayodele Ogunsan is happily married with children. His hobbies include studying the bible, listening to soul lifting Christian music and holidaying with the wife and children.

Mrs Joke Ogunsan

Managing Director/CEO
Mrs Joke Ogunsan joined Executive Trainers Limited in January 2011 to head our Operations in Lagos. Her passion for process and client success led to her promotion into her current role of overseeing Executive global operations.

Mrs Joke Ogunsan is an expert in buyer-aligned sales process development and value-based customer conversations. She has led client relationships and served as a lead consultant to numerous large global clients. She is a regularly invited guest speaker in business school programs and a coach for technology startups.

Abayomi K. Aina

General Manager
Aina leads ETL’s Training and marketing team. He has over 4 years of experience as a Training Manager and professional services.
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